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Our ATHENS collection is made to last, with its 8mm thick tempered glass and its sliding mechanism on rail. This collection features brushed nickel details, such as state-of-the-art wheels, frames and straight-lined handles made of stainless steel, giving your bathroom that trendy industrial look!

Shower Collections 1


Our OLYMPUS collection is a must for any bathroom! Made of resilient 8mm thick tempered glass, it will stand the test of time, thanks to its gentle sliding doors that preserve the materials. With its chromed details, this collection features a contemporary touch that so many people are seeking!

Shower Collections 1


Get the bathroom of your dreams with our ZERIA collection! Made of 10mm thick glass, it promises unmatched quality and durability and its chrome accents highlight its trendy style. Plus, the ZERIA sliding doors are equipped with a practical towel bar to ensure your towels are always on hand.

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For a trendy bathroom with subtle chrome accents, our APOLLO collection is an obvious choice! Its clear 6mm thick tempered glass will bring your bathroom a lean look while its sliding doors will help you maximize your space. A durable and cost-effective option!

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Showcase your bathroom’s clean and modern look with our SALTO collection! The 6mm thick glass doors promise an open and airy feel to your space while chrome frames and handles will highlight its modern twist. The SALTO collection easily adapts to any bathroom style!

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Our BALEA collection offers both modernity and functionality! Made of 6mm thick glass, it features straight-lined chrome frame, handles and trendy visible wheels from its sliding mechanism, making it a stylish addition to any bathroom décor for years to come!

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Elegantly designed, the HELIOS shower collection is the perfect balance between simplicity and quality. With its reversible door, you have the option to install the sliding door in the direction that best suits your bathroom’s ergonomic design while putting forth its modern style.

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The RHEA shower collection is a perfect combination of style and functionality: the doors may be opened from both sides. Each shower from the collection has a towel pole as well as a handle that can also be used as a towel pole. With its audacious lines and sliding door mechanism on wheels, a RHEA shower will definitely become a decorative element for your bathroom.

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The KURIO collection consists of a series of rectangular corner showers offered in multiple sizes. Find the one that fits your bathroom best! Depending on the shower’s size, you either have an integrated towel pole or a door handle that can be used as a towel pole, adding flexibility to your space.

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Made up of bold chrome lines and clear tempered glass panels, showers from the CITY collection are as practical as they are stylish. Thanks to the corner opening with a sliding door, these square corner showers take up less floor space than with a pivot door while leaving plenty of space inside for a relaxing shower.

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Give your bathroom a high class look with a shower from our ALLEGRA collection. Simply elegant, these walk-in showers give the impression of a larger room with their large transparent glass panels. With various models available, a walk-in shower will instantly give a refined and minimalist quality to your bathroom.

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Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, rectangular showers from the CRISTO collection will instantly add a modern touch to your bathroom thanks to the square chrome accents found in the frame, the handle and the towel rail installed on the side panel. Equipped with a pivot door, these showers can easily match any modern bathroom decor.

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Choose a bold look for your bathroom with a shower from our KNOX collection. Its straight-lined modern matte black accents will add character and elegance to your bathroom. Equipped with a sliding door, these showers will become a main decorative element of your bathroom!

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Shower collections 5

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  1. Athens Collection 9items
  2. Olympus Collection 17items
  3. Zeria Collection 8items
  4. Apollo Collection 8items
  5. Salto Collection 5items
  6. Balea Collection 7items
  7. Kurio Collection 8items
  8. City Collection 6items
  9. Helios Collection 4items
  10. Rhea Collection 11items
  11. Allegra Collection 4items
  12. Cristo Collection 12items
  13. Knox Collection 4items
  1. 48" 8 items
  2. 60" 10 items
  3. 34" x 34" 3 items
  4. 36" x 32" 6 items
  5. 36" x 36" 3 items
  6. 42" x 34" 5 items
  7. 48" x 32" 8 items
  8. 48" x 36" 22 items
  9. 60" x 32" 4 items
  10. 60" x 36" 15 items
  1. Rectangular 82 items
  2. Square 6 items
  1. Acrylic reinforced with fiberglass 4 items
  2. Tempered glass and acrylic 1 item
Shower base included
  1. Yes 42 items
  2. No 42 items
Tiles included
  1. Yes 2 items
  2. No 2 items
Faucet included
  1. No 46 items
Door installation type
  1. Corner 69 items
  2. Front 21 items
  1. NADOLI 99 items
  2. Bato x Nadoli 4 items
Glass finish
  1. Clear 84 items
Type of mechanism
  1. Wheels 44 items
  2. Rail 26 items
  3. Pivot 22 items
Towel bar
  1. Yes 42 items
  2. No 52 items
Glass thickness
  1. 6mm 45 items
  2. 8mm 49 items
  3. 10mm 9 items
Number of shelves
  1. 0 2 items
  2. 2 1 item
  3. 6 1 item
New product
  1. No 101 items
  2. Yes 2 items